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1960 and 61 olds hubcaps

ed burke

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I am trying to figure out if 1960 oldsmobiles had flipper hub caps. If not were can I go to get a picture of of the super deluxe cap or the flipper cap? I assume they were installed with clips like other flippers for oldsmobile. Ditto for the 61. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thqaks ED

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59s had a full wheel cover option with a three-bar spinner, but the closest the 60 gets to it are the three "blades" stamped into the small hubcap. 60 and 61 full covers had that big diecast "turbine blades" ring that screwed onto the wheelcover stamping.

Any clip-retained full wheelcover will fit any 1957-63 Oldsmobile except the 61. It had a one-year-only retaining clip design. So, if you really want flipper caps on your Sixty, it would be no trouble to use 1959 wheelcovers.

Am I the only one who notices that Olds seemed to have a "thing" for: color-keyed painted accents; "turbine blades", and concentric circles on their wheelcovers? You see those three themes repeated often in Olds wheelcovers. They had a thing for 8 simulated vents too.

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