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My new "Reatta sedan" :)


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Sorry to go off-topic, but I had to share...

Even though they were wildly unpopular I've always wanted one.

Been watching this one for over six months via Jaxed, but the seller insisted that they couldn't provide more/better photos and they were asking way too much money. When it popped up on eBay, I was forced to action. Won it for $ 2,919.00. Picked it up out in rural PA yesterday and it is even nicer than I hoped. She only has about 64K on the clock and is clean clean clean. Couple of small items to putter with but totally solid, corrosion-free and shiny. Crazy thing is that it seems to attract more attention than my '84 which is arguably way more over-styled. I was questioned when I stopped for gas (both times), sitting in traffic at the Holland Tunnel and at the car wash when I got home.

Drives sorta like a heavy Reatta. It has the same bong bong bong turn signals, pump pump pump parking brake, and #$&^$%#! rattling left rear brake pads. Got 27 MPG on the Hwy coming home with the speedo blinking "85" at me most of the way.

I think I'm in love.... :D







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Very nice! While I have always preferred the Eldorado to the Seville, you picked up a sharp car there. And while I kind of agree with Ronnie on the body preference, the slant-back Seville is more likely to gain appreciation for it's unique styling in the years ahead, where it's successor seems to be viewed by most as just another 1980's GM "box" on wheels. You just gotta love the button-tufted seats and all the digital readouts, that's for sure. Also, the unconventional two-tone paint job is another trend lost to history (at least until it repeats itself).

I think the slant-back is a love it or hate it kind of look, but I also think more people will come to love it over time just because it is so different. I know they routinely caught my attention when I was a kid (in the early 80's), just because they were such distinctive looking cars.

In any case, nice score.


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Roger..excellent choice and nice price. Besides being a Buick guy (have 2 Rivieras & would like a Reatta) I'm also a Cadillac guy (have 2 Eldorados), so I'm impressed with both of those Sevilles.

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Guest Richard D

Roger, Very nice find. The only things that date the interior is the radio surround and the diamond tuffted leather seats(which I like) And what a unique steering wheel! Very modern compared to the big "blobs" by which I mean hubs of other wheels.

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Hey thanks for all the positive feedback. Truth be told the people in my "real life" think my automotive fixations are just weird. :) Fortunately (for me) it seems that if I am crazy for one of GM's cars it fails in the marketplace. This has allowed me to have all sorts of cars that really send me at relatively low cost.

I was talking to to the owner of the car lot where I bought the car and he expressed disbelief that the car went for so little and generated so little interest first when it was on his lot for six months priced at about 5 grand then on eBay where I grabbed it. It's a sweet little car and the compactness juxtaposed with Cadillac cues I find striking. I had her parked next to my '92 Skylark GS coupe in the driveway and they are about the same size. That nobody likes this generation of Seville is just par for the course for me.

I had intended on selling off the '84 as while I really love it I was hardly using it. So over the winter I worked on prepping it to go. I had it repainted as the PO had had a really cheap paint job done to it, and I started fixing some little odds and ends because as someone who monitors car ads on a daily basis and has bought countless cars at this point, I know that when I see stuff in the ad like "A/C doesn't work, probably just needs a charge" I had better budget for completely replacing the system and discount the price accordingly. Funny thing is, now that the paint is good and I've been puttering with it and fixing it I'm not sure I want to let her go. :rolleyes: This new '88 Seville was going to be the replacement as I was sure it wasn't going anywhere at 5 grand, but the placement on eBay forced me to grab it now.

It's exactly the car I wanted. I really like the Elegante package (and this is the last year for it), the up-swept mid-tone detailing at the rear coupled with revised front end styling, more powerful engine and the lack of a giant airbag steering wheel. The Bose stereo sounds great, but is presently a little flakey but it's easy enough to get the head unit refreshed. I have already bought 16X7 silver-finish Allante wheels to replace the 14" spoked hubcap units. It has conventional brakes and while I really appreciate having ABS not having another Teves system to worry after is something of a relief. I had intended to swap in the non-wood trim from a base 86-7 Eldorado but much to my surprise I'm not hating the matte-finish walnut trim as much as I expected.

The car doesn't seem to need anything major at this point. The right rear window doesn't work, I think the HVAC programmer is inop. and the front airdam is missing but everything else is perfection. It's probably the first old car I've bought that I don't feel the need to immediately swap out the struts on. According to the title the PO bought this car in February of '06 and only put 8,000 miles on it over the 3 years they owned it, so likely was a car nut which would explain the condition and state of repair.

Anyway, enough yammering. Oh, and Padgett I haven't heard the Bill Mitchell story....

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Bose units of this period that are 'flakey' (your term) usually are due to bad amps in the speakers. Difficult to find and a bear to repair on the doors.

Inop HVAC controls are usually due to missing vacuum source. Trace the vacuum line from the engine back; could just be a cracked line.

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Very Nice. My "new" winter car this year was a 1989 Olds 88. No one wants cars of this era. I paid 700.00 for it and put another 400 to fix a few minor things. Runs and drives great. Not Caddy great, but you get the idea.

I used to have an '88 98. Parts store guys love me. "you said 88 88" no '89 88. "98 88?" no '89 88. "huh?" 1989 88 Delta Royale. "what year?"

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