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Car shows & Swap Meets


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Hi all, I'm travelling to the U.S. from Australia this year. I'll be in Texas and surrounding states from August 21 to September 8. Can anyone tell me if there are any car shows and in particular Swap Meets in the region? It would be great to see a swap meet in the U.S. as I attend many Downunder.



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I'd suggest you check out the AACA Calendar:

Calendar Of Events

Also the AACA Region Website for the areas where you are going to be visiting:

Regions & Chapters

Then check out those Regions' websites to see what they've got going for those dates.

Some other websites listing events:

Texas Car Shows, Swap Meets, Concours d'Elegance, Car Corrals

Texas Events, Car Auctions, Swap Meets, Motorcycle Shows, Event listings and Coverage

Texas Car Shows, Cruise-In Shows, Car Clubs and Automotive Related Events - Rocknrod.com

And maybe there are some good museums in the areas you are visiting:

The Texas Muscle Car Museum

North Texas Automotive Museum :: Car Showroom or have a Dallas Wedding

Antique and Classic Car Museums

Other links:

Route 66 Museums - A Complete List

Hemmings Motor News: Classic Car Museums

Hemmings Motor News: Events Calendar

VFT Museum List

Have a great time....

BTW, Texas, its a whole 'nother country!!

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.....BTW, Texas, its a whole 'nother country!!

Amen on that one. My husband spent several months there during his Air Force training. They mowed the parade fields every morning. Not to keep the grass short but to kill baby rattlesnakes, who's little bodies littered the fields and pavement beside the fields. :eek: Also, to this day he STILL shakes out all shoes, slippers and boots before putting them on to avoid scorpions. We don't have scorpions here in W. Va. Rattlesnakes, yes. Scorpions, no. :D

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Hi guys, thanks for the input. I have looked at the websites mentioned as well as googling and it appears my timing is pretty bad. I'm locked into those dates (I'm coming over for a 50th birthday) and it appears I'll be too late for some and too early for others. I'll still be able to see the motoring museums around Texas. Shame, I would have liked to visit a swap meet. Perhaps another time another year.

Again thanks for your help and I'm still open to suggestions.

Regards from Downunder.


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Hi Bill. My friend lives in Denton and I'll base myself from there. I have to visit the city they named after me, that is a must then I plan to drive to Nashville then head south making my way west again back to my mate's house. I have no big plans on what to do while on the road and will do most things on a whim.

I was just hoping to stumble on a swap meet or perhaps hitch a ride in some old car rally on one of my weekends in the U.S. This would seem unlikely with my timing. I will definitely be looking at local car and general museums during my stay.

I'm still open to suggestions and ar shure do arpeciate yawl helpin' me an' all. Thanks a bunch!

Best wishes from Downunder


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