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Havers Info please

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I recently found out about a '13 Havers roadster going up for sale soon. I know nothing about them but am interested. It is the smaller car, a 33HP 122"wb model for that year.

It is an incomplete roadster that looks like a speedster build with the round gas tank behind the seat. It has no hood or windshield and may have more missing. The fenders are laying on the rear tires and not bolted to the running boards with no obvious place to attach to the bare frame rails in that area. The chassis and engine appear to be restored or painted at least.

How hard are parts and other owners to find? Should there be a top on it? Is this a good drivable car when done? What value could this run? I am thinking less than $10K but do not know.

Thanks- Bill

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Bill-- I looked at the car about 10 days ago. It is a quite rare Havers model 44 (denoting the horsepower) 6 cylinder. The car belonged to a old car guy in East Aurora NY whom recently passed away. The running gear was complete and authenic. The wheels and tires(34X41/2) were the correct size and in excellent condition. The body did not come from that car.Havers did have a roadster/raceabout body very much like what was on the car. They were very racy looking . I am not sure if there are any roadster survivers with only 2 examples known to this club, both being touring cars. I believe it was originally was a roadster because of the extra long steering column and the fact the driver sat just ahead of the rear wheels. The rear fenders you spoke of were not from this car, The fronts were also suspect, although they were very much like my Hudson.I thought the car would be a 15 to 18,000 dollar deal and am quite surprised when it sold around $22,000 (?) I think that if you Google Havers automobile you will see the car in an early ad.---Bob

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