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I have multiple items of 1960 Mercury dealer and shop literature left over from my ownership of a Colony Park. They include:

2 originals of the '60 Merc "New Car Buyer's Guide",

a mint original '60 Merc Accessories brochure,

excellent "Country Cruisers" station wagon brochure,

both a partial and complete original sets of near mint '60 Merc technical Service Bulletins (the complete set is in a nice rare M-E-L silver binder),

'60 Merc Maintenance Manual (excellent cond. shop manual),

nice original '56-59 Merc Master Parts Catalog for Chassis & Body (because so much of the '59 interchanges with 1960),

'60-62 Merc Master Parts Catalog (poor binding),

huge 2 volume '60-64 Ford Car Parts and Accessories Text Catalog reprint (from ownership of a '64 Ford at one time).

Make offers for any individual or multiple items or I will deep discount the entire package to a single buyer. These are just taking up room on my shelf. Thanks, Wayne wgraefen@windstream.net

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