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3/4 ton Chevy Suburban

Guest martylum

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Guest martylum

Hi-I'm looking for a trailer puller Chevy Suburban preferably 3/4 ton to pull my 24 foot box trailer on occasional trips to shows. Something with 50,000-100,000 miles would be fine. Located in PA near Hershey

Martin Lum


1930 DeSoto and 1933 Chrysler CQ

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You probably should also specify the 454 engine and 400 Turbo-hydramatic, as these are the strongest workhorse, like in my 1986. I don't know if I can pry mine away from my son since he borrowed it last week while repairing his '94 Jeep Cherokee. You might want to look into a 7.3 Litre Turbo-Diesel 4 Wheel Drive Excursion - the one I've been using. Call me to share thoughts.

You have my email for any further suggestions.

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