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What keeps a bumper from looking its age?

Mssr. Bwatoe

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The bumper on this original 1940 Zephyr-Continental reminds me of the

International Nickel advert in Ocee Ritch's book...my friend just got a new

top installed at Tailored Trim - this is the first top completed by Jan Roll

after the passing of his father Jim Roll. Jan is pictured with the car. The

correct positioning of the top bows is a must for a successful redo and

Jan has all this experience and more to get the job done correctly.

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Wow!!! Looks great!!! I spoke with Jan last weekend and he said he was almost finished. I cannot wait to see mine now.

The good news is Jan said he will be keeping the shop open and continuing in his Dads footsteps, big shoes to fill but good news for anyone needing quality upholstery.


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Great to know there's another source for quality interior work. FYI, for anyone in the Connecticut area, I cannot say enough good things about Charlie Uzanas at Interior Motives. As time goes on, folks like this are going to become rarer and rarer.

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