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27 Pontiac Big 6 valve settings


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According to all of my care and operation manuals and shop manuals for Pontiac series 6-27, 6-28, 6-29, 6-29A and 6-30B, in other words what are commonly but erroniously refered to as 1926 to 1930. For the first time Pontiac used year designations in 1931 and 1932 (series 401 and 402). The valves both, intake and exhaust, are set .007" to .009" clearance. This is also on a plate on the side covers. The clearance is the same for both intake and exhaust. Pontiac mechanics used to have "go no go" feeler guages. The one for these engines would be .007" at the end and back about .5" it would be .009". In other words the .007" feeler guage part goes in and the .009" guage part will not go in. There is no indication what these should be set at cold. The proper way to set them is with the engine hot and idling slowly 300 - 400 rpm. You just have to have a little bit of desterity and patience. I happen to have a complete set of GM's "go no go" feeler guages but it is not really a problem to hold two separate feeler guages beside one another and accoplish the same thing. In my case two tappet wrenches in the left hand at about a 45 degree angle with one another and the feeler guage and the other wrench in my right hand. Easy as pie if you manage not to burn your wrist on the manifold.

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