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Compressor for 65 Riv


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Hi all,

I need an A6 or equivalent aircon compressor for my stock low mileage 65. I am in Australia and will need to have it shipped.

Can anyone recommend;

  • a supplier/s
  • an equivalent lighter, more efficient replacment that wont look silly in the engine bay.

Thanks and regards


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Sanden is coming out with what they call an S6. Screw type to replace the A6. Supposed to be a direct bolt in replacement, but was not on the market yet when I needed one last fall. No one makes brackets to bolt the regular Sanden to a Nailhead, but it has been done. Try www.classicautoair.com . They had a lot of the parts I needed and were very knowledgable. They do not list the Riviera specifically on their site, so you will have to call or e-mail them for specifics.

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