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Voltage on 1930 DC-8 Phaeton

Guest lgilber

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Guest lgilber

I have a 1930 Dodge Brothers DC-8 Phaeton I got from my father-in-law. For years he had a 6V battery to crank the thing and it was always hard as heck to crank. Today I read that Dodge Brothers were noted for being the first to introduce the 12V electrical system.

Can somebody tell me whether the electrical system on this car is supposed to be 12V or 6V?


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6 volt, as far as I know Dodge used 12 in the earlier 4 cyl cars, cant remember what years. I think they started out with 6 went to twelve and then back to 6, your car is defanitely a 6 volt system.

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Re DC 8 electrical.

All DC 8 cars were 6 volt when new. Delco systems fitted.

My DC 8 was partly set up with a 12 volt system when I bought it but I doubt if it ever worked.

I am fitting a 12 volt generator and regulator from a 1950's International bulldozer as part of my restoration as 6 volt batteries are almost unobtainable now. I know it's not original but the generator is externally identical to the original.

The voltage regulator/cutout is entirely different.

I have been told that the starter will be the weakest link in the system, but as starting would be a lot easier it should not present a problem, and the strain on the starter will be a lot less. A suggestion the auto electrician made was to increase the resistance in the starter lead by replacing it with a longer lead.

I did try using an 8 volt battery borrowed from an early VW Beetle but it could not even turn over the motor after new rings were fitted.

Jim Haydon

1930 Dodge Bros. DC 8 Roadster with Richards body

1961 Morris Mini

1977 Land Rover Ex Military (6 cylinder.)

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