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Valve push rods don't turn on my 27

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Rebuilding my 27 Buick Standard. I notice after putting everything together the valve push rods don't turn when the pressure is off them. Are they suppose to turn or not??. I just check my 26 standard and only one would turn. I took rocker arms assem off and lossen the nut that hold the cage between the valve push rods and rods would turn. once I tighten them up they wouldn't turn.

Also engine turns over very hard with crank. It turned over easier when I put 3/4" rachet on crank shaftnut before putting hand crank adapter on. Is this normal?? Thanks for any help.

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Hi Old Buick27

I assume when you say that you have rebuilt your engine that this includes new rings and bore? This will make any engine hard to turn over, especially if your crank handle has as short a reach as mine. The engine should take a few hundred miles before it begins to loosen up. A few thousand before it will be free.

I have just completed a re-ring and it is very hard to turn, even with plugs out! Yes the pushrods are tight also.


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I finally just figured that out. With the spring holding push rods down I can see why they won't turn. I did have engine completely rebuilt. New 030 pistons, all rods babbitted, and crank checked and balanced. Thanks for your Help,


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