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radio antenna cable


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Which type of antenna does your car have, the one embedded in the windshield, or a power antenna, or a manual mast style antenna?

If it is the one embedded in the windshield I found a source for that style at the following link:

Old Buick Parts - CARS. Inc.

I am not sure what type of connector is needed on the cable for your antenna or radio. If the radio takes a standard Motorola Plug and the antenna has a short cable with a standard motorola plug, the following link might contain what would work.

Car Radio Antenna (Motorola Connector) 8' Extension Cable - VETCO.NET

If you want to simply replace a broken Motorola Plug on your existing antenna cable, this link has what you might want to consider:

Car Radio Antenna (Motorola Connector) Plug - Best - VETCO.NET

If none of these look like what you need, can you take a photo of both ends of the current antenna cable and post them? Then we could tell exactly what you are looking for.

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Just buy the cheapest POS antenna you can and remove the cable. If you need to splice it to the existing cable, or what's left of it. make sure the center wire does not touch the shield and that the shields are also connected. Shrink wrap is very usefull. Cover the splice with a double layer of shrink wrap. If the splice will be subjected to stress form a nice thick covering of PC-7 over the splice and let cure for 24 hours. It will be bullet proof............Bob

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