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Identity of early Cadillac heater


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Anyone know what year Cadillac started using an exhaust heater to warm the inside of the car? I have a 13-1/2 inch by 9-1/4 inch cadmium plated grill, with two outside operational doors for airflow, and it appears that it would get bolted to a front or rear floorboard. 2-inch flexible exhaust pipes are attached. There is an oval emblem in the center of the grill plate that reads "Made for Cadillac, pat. appl. for"

Thanks in advance


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Thanks for the reply. Sorry I am so late in getting back to you, needed a little vacation time. I have taken a couple of photos today and hopefully this will help.

Last week I was told that this could be for the early teen models. The gentleman that I was talking to remembers the Cadillac that his grandfather had, and he was guessing 1914 or 15. I don't know when they went to hot water heaters.

Let me know.

Thanks again.




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