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1963-1965 Riviera Praised by HCC


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I just received my June issue of Hemmings Classic Car magazine and it has an article featured on the cover "32 Best Cars to Restore". The first car they showed was the Buick Riviera 1963-'65. They stated "THERE'S NO QUESTION THAT THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST-DESIGNED AMERICAN CAR of the post-war era-it's simply spectacular.

Wow! I am glad these cars are getting the respect that they have deserved, in my opinion. I have owned my Riv for over 20 years and feel it is a great car. I have admired them since they were new cars that I wanted but couldn't afford being 19 years old then.

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Guest jonly

I just picked up a copy and made my wife read it. I'm hoping it provides some wiggle room while I'm emptying out the account to buy resto parts...

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