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<TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 width=300 bgColor=#ffff99><TBODY><TR bgColor=#c0c0c0><TD>Head Cast #</TD><TD>Year</TD><TD>Displacement</TD></TR><TR><TD>1344214</TD><TD>1953</TD><TD>322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1343840<!--part no. 1391556--></TD><TD>1953</TD><TD>322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1165549<!--part no. 1391745--></TD><TD>54</TD><TD>264/322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1166349</TD><TD>54-56</TD><TD>264/322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1168930</TD><TD>56</TD><TD>322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1169349</TD><TD>56</TD><TD>322</TD></TR><TR><TD>1172889<!--part no. 1392747--></TD><TD>59-60</TD><TD>364/401</TD></TR><TR><TD>1175109</TD><TD>56-59</TD><TD>322*</TD></TR><TR><TD>1185485<!--part no. 1392747--></TD><TD>61-66</TD><TD>364/401/425</TD></TR><TR><TD>1190415<!--part no. 1392747--></TD><TD>62-66</TD><TD>364/401/425</TD></TR><TR><TD>1196914<!--part no. 1392747--></TD><TD>59-66</TD><TD>364/401/425</TD></TR><TR><TD>1374603</TD><TD>64-66</TD><TD>401/425</TD></TR><TR><TD>1376912</TD><TD>66</TD><TD>401/425</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

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The exhaust valve of the 1957 and 1958 cylinder heads are smaller. The size of the 401/425 exhaust valve is 1.50" and the 364 valve size is slightly smaller. The 1959 through 1961 364 engine uses the larger 401 exhaust valve.

The 912 head listed above is the very rare "D" cylinder head casting with an 1/2" taller exhaust port.



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