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50 V/S 55 Ford Transmition

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I have a 55 Ford F`100 with a three speed column shift regular transmition, code 3.

I am wondering if a 1950 three speed coulmn shift overdrive trans from a car would fit it with only a drive shaft alteration?

The engine is a 239CI. OH valve, code V.

Thank you for the info.

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I'm fairly sure that the 239 ohv was a one year only(1954) engine.It was a transition from the flathead which in 50 was also a 239CI.It's possible that early 55 trucks may have used up

the stocks of old 239s but for the most part, if it is indeed a 55, it should have a 272 or 292.

The 50 pickup started the year with the floorshifted trans,which went back to the 30s. late in the year,the shifter went on the column. that is one of the very few ways to tell a 50 from a 49.The 50 car trans might be different, you'll have to see if all parts look the same. In any event, if you have both vehicles, you should be able to make it work,keeping in mind that the truck will have a lower gear ratio.

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Thank you Dave.

I checked the block casting numbers and found out that it is a 272ci. engine.

I don't have both tranmitions to compare them.I was hoping that someone knew if they would interchange.

By coinsidence, I have a late 50 ford side shift od trans in my 32 Ford roadster that has a 283 in it. The only moddification I had to do is lightly sand the hole in the Chevy bell housing and it fit right in. I then drilled two holes in the bell housing to accept the top trans.bolts , and then made a simple adapter for the bottom two bolts. I use it without the kick down switch with only 1 switch and one lever to operate it..

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