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1958 Century 66R


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I'm surprised no one has commented on this car.

What if I told you the mileage is genuine - only 144 miles on it from new!!!

Ever wanted to drive a new 1958 Century?

I haven't driven it but I got to sit in it to take some photos.


Maybe they were assuming it had done 100,144miles which would be feasable but I know, like you, that it is the genuine article and is a true time capsule.

If it wasn't for the fact it had virtually no miles on it I would love to take it for a long run and say I have driven a NEW 1958 Buick.

But after all these years it would be hard, in 2 hours , to do that and double the mileage that the car has done in 50 years.

Les Has some truly beautiful cars there and this is only one of them.

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Impressive. It also looks like a neat facility with old cars and memorabilia on the walls.

I think photos of Les Woodruff's "House of Buick" have been posted here before but I'll throw a few on here to try to show some of it........It was impossible for me to get a total shot of inside which is full of restored Buicks:cool: Stuart or Ken(Rooster) can probably list the number of Buicks in there.

I should have asked Les to let me go upstairs but I was probably to overwhelmed at the time........don't know why :rolleyes:







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