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69 good humor truck


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Hello eveyone,

I'm working on a 1969 ford f250 Good Humor Ice Cream truck. The cooler is not working. It's the type you plug in (220) over night. If anyone has access to any information on it ,such as schematics,diagrams,details or knows where I might get them. I would appricate any help you could give me, Thanks Roger

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I just found this on Ebay. Is this like the truck you have? It lists the brand of freezer.

1969 FORD GOOD HUMOR ICE CREAM TRUCK W/ HACKNEY FREEZER : eBay Motors (item 290417542020 end time Mar-30-10 17:54:41 PDT)

Also just found this about a company that builds and services ice cream trucks. Here is the link to the freezer information that they show.


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