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Electrolock sticky switch 1933

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I have a stuck electrolock switch. ( Stuck in the " on " position. It is a pop-out type switch. ( 1933 Chevy )

Does anyone have any idea of my best move? Should I remove switch and try to free? If so, how to I remove that bezel from the front that holds the switch?

Can I bypass? and put a regular on off switch?

Do they sell replacement aftermarket electrolocks? If so, where?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'm new to this, and don't want to screw anything up.



1933 Chevy Master Eagle Sedan

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First. Was the switch frozen when you bought the car, did it intermittently stick before it froze, or did you just turn it on one day and it wouldn't turn off with no prior warning?

If it was frozen when you bought the car, are you sure the key is the correct code.

Have you tried any of the stuff in your other posting under "General Discussion"?

The aftermarket repros were made years ago and are almost as difficult to find as the originals. The armor covering on the original units look like a long strip of thin sheet steel that is around 3/16 inch wide spiral wrapped around a pencil while the aftermarket units have armor that looks more like 1/16 + inch diameter wire wrapped around a pencil.

I would keep an eye out on ebay, I have seen one or two posted there in the past several years.

Does the popout style have the small hole in the front near the key hole? If so, like the one other gentleman in your other posting recommended, you could try putting a small wire like a straightened paper clip in the hole and see if you can remove the tumbler using the key.

I am not familiar with the early popout style, my car has the later swivel style. Does the bezel have two holes around the edge? If it does, you should be able to unscrew the bezel off the front with some help.

If you can get it out of the dash by removing the bezel ring, I would take it apart as I describe in your other posting.

Bob Beers

Visit my website at: Bob's Vintage Cars


1933 Chevrolet

1962 Triumph TR4

1984 BMW 633 CSi

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Thanks for writing. We had the car totally restored, the switch looks either new, or completely refurbished. It worked perfectly when we first received the car back from the restorer. It is the pop-out style, 2 holes located on the sides of the bezel. I will try removing it as you had described earlier.

I will have to check regarding the little hole on the front ( IF IT HAS IT OR NOT )

Thanks again,


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