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MORE door handles - really confusing ones!

Guest virgilmule

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Guest virgilmule

Please take a close look at these four handles. At first glance, they are identical. When you look closer, you notice that:

- one has an escutcheon, the others don't

- the one with the escutcheon has a much smaller shaft where it comes through the escutcheon

- the one with the escutcheon also has a squared-off shaft with no threads or holes

- two of them are squared off at the end of the shaft and have a hole through them

- one of them has threads at the end of the shaft

Can anyone explain?







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Guest virgilmule

Jim -

I appreciate your time and effort. Here are pictures of the keys from the "confusing handles" post you responded to. I have added a picture of keys from one of the handles in my subsequent post: the serial number stamped into the keys is "HU145", so my first guess would be Hudson or Hupmobile.

Thanks again,






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