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1955 Buick Special - Dual Exhaust?


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I was wondering what is the best method to get Dual exhaust under the Special

did 55 Century's have a "hole" in the driver side frame for thru piping?

i guess thats why i see many with Lake Pipes:eek:

anyone successfully pull this off?

also i need a good sorce for inner and outer rocker panles

thanx in advance

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The 55's have no provision for dual exhausts and no hole in the frame. Some just cut a hole. I don't think it's a good idea. For outer rockers google "rocker king". For inners just go to your local sheet metal fabricater and have .062 X 6" wide steel bent with a 1/2" 90 degree flange along one edge. That will be the top. After the outers are welded to it cut the excess width off the bottom flush with the outer. The 1/16 thickness makes a stronger "beam" and is easier to work with.............Bob

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thanx Bob - any chance you have an image of the rocker deisign?

If you mean the inner it's just a piece of 1/16 thick steel. Start with a piece 6 1/2" wide and have the sheet metal guy put it in his bending brake and turn up a 90 bend 1/2" wide the length of the piece. The length would be whatever your car measures from the front end of the rocker all the way to the rear wheel opening. plus a few inches for fudge factor that you will trim as required. The flange buts up against the floor and gets welded to the floor. The back side gets welded to the rocker braces. Then The bottom of the outer gets spot or plug welded to the inner and the excess of the inner gets trimmed off. Basicaly you are cutting out the rotted metal and replacing it with new. Design is the same as original..................Bob

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