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Traco Down Draft Intakes

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Anyone have information on Traco down draft intakes? I was given a set along with some heads for a 300 (and I think a 215) and wondering if anyone has seen this type of set-up? Looks like the intakes would each take 2 48mm weber carbs.

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If Webers were involved, that would mainly be "road race only" stuff. Seems like Traco was an engine builder that tended to specialize in closed-course road race engines. They also built some of their own stuff because it was not available anywhere else. Mid-to-late 1960s timeframe.

If the heads might fit a 215 V-8, you might need to check the casting numbers to see if they might be for the Buick or Olds versions of the 215 V-8. Not sure about interchangeability wit the later 300 V-8 engines, though.

Just some thoughts,


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Guest northpacific

These were used by the competition department of British Leyland to campaign 2 or 3 racing versions of the Rover P6B in the late 60's/early 70's + used 48 IDA Webers; bored and stroked to 4.3 liters, 365 hp + used the BOP 215 as a base; the Buick version of which Rover had licensed from GM for their cars

At least one of the TRACO V8 cars still exists in Australia ( pictured ) I have a set of New Zealand made Harcourt Weber manifolds which are near identical to the TRACO design you have + also for the Buick/Olds/Pontiac/Rover 215.

TRACO were based in California and are still in business tho' not under original management, or at their original address



That TRACO manifold was never available to the general public; everything TRACO did back then was for factory race teams, as NTX5467 has suggested

The later Buick 300 aluminum heads are a common swap to the earlier 215 blocks, have bigger valves than the 215 + bolt straight on; Olds heads will only work with an Olds block however

There was even a British Morgan built using the TRACO/Weber/Olds V8 setup for LeMans; it never competed but the car is here:

There were also Chaparrals and at least one Formula 1 car that used this setup back in the day

Those manifolds with Webers are "streetable" but run best on bored/stroked BOP 215s of about 5 liters; there are companies make throttle bodies now that are Weber IDA clones, so those manifolds would also make the basis for a nice injection setup ( ! )

A very Rare part, must have an interesting history


Have fun!


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Wow, thanks for the info. I got them from my wifes cousins husband (that's a mouth full).... His family has been into Jeep racing for a long time and I suspect his Dad or uncle picked them up somewhere years ago. I know they liked to run Buick engines (215, 300's) in their Jeeps. Not sure what I will do with them, maybe hang em on the wall till I figure it out.


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Traco down draft inlet manifold wanted the same as the ones in the  picture posted by Jim Anselmo  contact me  Les Wright Bayview Sydney  Australia 2104 leswrigh@bigpond.net.au

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