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1929 Chrysler 65

Guest Sussexbased

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Guest Sussexbased


I am new to this forum and am here as I have recently acquired a 1929 Chrysler 65 here in the UK. The car has come from Australia and was bodied by Holdens over there.

It is is very tired condition, but solid.

The doors do not shut straight - about 4" out of line at the bottom of the front doors. The 'B' posts are very wobbly. Basically, the woodwork is very tired, split in some places and missing in others.

Does anybody have images of how the body, especially the woodwork is constructed? I believe that the main reason that the front doors do not line up is due to the 'B' post issue and the condition of the front floor. However, I have never worked on this type of body before and I understand that there is an art.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.


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Hi Julien.....

These wood composite bodies can be a challenge.

Although it is not a Chrysler, you may find some interesting info and pictures on the Durant Club website at:


Go to the web forum and search for the thread "Following a Star" One of our members has documented the wood replacement in a 1926 Star roadster.

Hope this helps.......


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