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Shell Beige (pink) and Dover White 1957 Century spotted in SWPA

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A few months ago (must have been the fall) my mom and my younger brother said that they saw a car "just like mine but it was pink and white" at the Giant Eagle Supermarket in Irwin, PA. I thought yeah, uh-huh, it was probably a DeSoto or Chevrolet or something.

Well, yesterday April 3, lo-and-behold, what is traveling in the opposite direction on Clay Pike, between Irwin (15642) and Herminie (15637) but a 1957 Buick Century 4-door in Shell Beige and Dover White. We were both doing about 40MPH so I couldn't ascertain if it was a Model 63 (hardtop) or a Model 61 (sedan) but it was definately a 1957 Buick Century 4-door, and a pretty one at that!

As I own 2 1957 Buick Century Model 63 Riviera Hardtops, I thought it would be cool to meet someone else in the local area who has one too! If anybody has seen this car and knows the owner, feel free to forward my info along to him (it's in the roster) or ask me for it.

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