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1931 Hudson boat tail roadster f/s

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For Sale, 1931 Hudson boat tail roadster partialy restored. A rolling chassis stripped and painted. All metal repaired the correct way fenders and body in prime. Hood is restored and works like new. All hood doors have been chrome plated as well as knobs and hood latches. All wood in body has been profesionaly replaced. Dorrs open close and latch as they are supposed to.

Dash and steering wheel have been professionaly restored and woodgrained. most chrome has been professionaly replated headlamps, sidelights, gear and brake levers, and many more parts by a concours plating company, some chrome still needs to be replated. This is a rolling chassis with body, hood and fenders fit and mounted. New complete wire harness, new old stock running boards with Hudson "8" embossed in the rubber. This Hudson has the very rare Aluminum high compression factory heads restored and refinished. Many extra parts motor, transmission, front end, rear end carburetors, manifolds, wheels, and many other original parts included.

This Hudson needs to be finished. Motor work, some minor metal work, some addtional mechanicals and painted and upholstered, by someone that has a real interest in a very rare Hudson

The last 1931 Hudson boat tail roaster, an older restoration sold at Hershey last fall for $150,000.00 by the Dragone brothers. This one is much less expensive, and needs to be finished. There are only supposed to be 5 of these rare bodied cars according to an article in the AACA magazine . Have much original factory manuals, parts books, and tech bullitins, this is a full classic car as approved by the CCCA, due to the very limited production and custom body by Murry. This car has been in the same family since 1955 and it is an original not a reproduction, with the factory body tag. Lack of interest and space forces sale. If interested email brasscarguy@comcast.net, and I will forward many pictures of this rare car.


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