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tc trans slip

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me again....tc drives great...but slips when shifting to the 2nd gear...never to 3rd...and not all the time...went up a very steep hill the other day ( slow) and it was slipping while driving...it never did that before...

never e ven slips when accellerating or when I really press on the gas...

anyone familiar with that issue? is my trans completly f$@^ or could it be a small fix?

let me know....because if this is a major thing...you guys can buy my tc!

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What do you have,??? a 4 cyl. with a 3 speed, Or a v6 with a 4 speed..

You will notice some of us list our vehicles at the bottom of our signature. That serves 2 purposes 1- show-off,, 2- info for an answer.. Lou

If you have a 4 cyl this is not so important ~ but ~ if you have a v6 it is verrrrrrryy important. Trans fluid must be Chrysler + 4 ! ! ! Many times a fluid and filter change will correct the problem. One of the other Mopar forums has a complete section on just our 4 speed auto trans. Good Luck, Lou

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If you had the V6 with the 4speed automatic you might have had a chance by changing the fluid and filter because someone might have added the wrong kind, causing the slipping.

With the 4 cyl you got a 3 speed automatic tranny and chances are that the bands need adjusting but more than likely you are experiencing the tranny starting to go bad. The good news is that the 3speed automatic tranny is much less costly to rebuild unless you want to beef it up to last longer next time. Fluid and filter change is not enough to cure your problem.

PS you did check the fluid level and it is not overfull or low?????

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Hey David, Thanks for catching that.....

Shelbyone... I wrote you that IF you had the v6 that would be a good possibility for a fix,, With 4 cyl the chance of that helping is much less..

Before you do anything Google Repair to chrysler 3 speed automatic transmission. It will probably take you to the other Mopar forum I mentioned. It will give you much detailed info on the trans..... Lou

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I am not sure if I understand your problem exactly but here are two items thay may help you out. If the tranny is slipping going into second gear and you are driving gently the culprit could be the kick-down rod out of adjustment. Adjust the kickdown rod and the problem should rectify itself. At the same time it will not slip if driving vigarously. This slip will not be continuous, but you will notice a flare up of engine speed just for a second or two.

If it is slipping continuously in second gear the clutches are gone in the clutch pack and the tranny needs an overhaul.

Hope this was of some help.


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