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1988 Black Paint

Vincent Vega

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I think I'm going to do it. Paint the 828. Too many bird poopy etchings, hood paint failure, dings, little issues. Had one guy take a look at it. He thought it was in great shape. Questioned why the repaint. I know I could get another for a lower price, lower miles ,etc... , however this one is special IMHO. My questions?

1) paint code. gotta be 88 black. not "a better Black"

2) I want to remove/replace as much of the trim myself. Where are the things to be careful of?

3) bumpers have bird etchings as well as typical anodizing failure. I've seen the recent postings. Can bird etching be sanded/buffed out of a bumper.?

4)Carpet. (Not paint, I know.) Kdirk/Ronnie. Nice write up on your site. What was/is the grade of carpet you bought from carmotorsorts? What is good enough for judging as correct at the nats? (Jim/George/Barney)?

I decided to get "judged" this year in Ames. I don't expect much in the way of accolades. What I want most is a benchmark for future shows.

I have so much ambition this time of year. Why does it fade so fast.....?

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I dealt with them about 3 years ago. Carpet and service was very good. The console trim pieces were for the 90/91 Reatta, but they sent me replacement pieces that enabled me to finish my car.

I have heard [unverified] that the rear deck carper is no longer available. I would recommend that you contact them for verification of this.

Overall a good experience with carmotor sports

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Dave is correct, the rear deck carpet (in factory style molded form for the bins) is no longer available from any source that I have found. My solution was to buy yardage of matching carpet (which is available with plain latex backing, so is fairly flexible) and redid the storage deck, lids and the center console with bulk carpet cut to fit. I did not carpet the insides of the bins, had them rhino-lined in black which contrasted well with the red carpet. FWIW, Auto Custom Carpets (ACC) makes all the carpeting as near as I can tell, and it is distributed through a multitude of resellers. Car Motorsports is one, and they get my recommendation for carpet as well as custom embroidered mats to match. They do offer the Reatta script and the "R" sunburst logo as choices, and both look great.

I got the standard grade carpet, and while it is not quite as nice as the factory pile it is good carpet and looks nice when properly installed. Whether or not is passes judging is another matter. It is distinguishable from the factory carpeting, so I imagine it is points off. I am no expert on the judging guidelines, so I can't offer much more insight on this.

There is a premium carpet but there are far fewer color choices with this option. It also does not look like original factory carpet (pile is different again), so there may not be much point in doing this unless you just like the looks of it.

On the side moldings, yes be careful not only with trying to pry them off, but also with the front and rear bumper trim. There are self-tapping nuts that hold the rub strips to the bumper by means of plastic posts that are part of the rub strip. These are easy to break/twist off if you get too aggressive with a socket wrench. Even more so on re-installation, do not over-tighten or you will break the posts, and likely cause dimples in the rub strip as it is pulled in to tight against the bumper.


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I replaced my pink carpet with the carmotorsport plush, and they do not do the deck. I contacted Jim Finn and he had a rear deck in the non-fading beechwood color and it matched up great. Alot of grief saved at the great Jim Finn price and service.

Two years ago when I did mine the person running carmotorsports told me he follows certain races and is gone some days up to and after the weekends when races are held. His voicemail may backup and be full so

on an initial contact you might ask him about alternate ways to get ahold of him.

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