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1937 Olds - Various Common (?) Parts Needed


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Hi Folks,

I hope this is OK (forum etiquette and all?).

I started a thread a while ago on the "Our Cars and Restoration Projects" forum.


And I just now updated it with a request for help locating a few items I am looking for.

I hope it is OK to mention what I am looking for here as well.

Trying to get it in front of as many "eyes" as I can.

Here’s what I am looking for for a

- 1937 Oldsmobile

- 6 cylinder, 4-door sedan:

- Style No. 37-3619

- Body No. 47919


original “Shop Manual” for this car


Carburetor Kit 1033 or 1034


Distributor - Delco Remy 647F


Water Pump

I have not seen any numbers that apply to this.

Is is just “a water pump for a ’37 Oldsmobile”?

Any or all of the following types of help would help me:

- if you have one of the above yourself that you could sell me (#1 by far!)

- if you know of a retail source which handles such items as this that I could check with

- if you know how to “confidently locate” any of these items on eBay

[ I have tried eBay myself and just feel a bit in over my head.

[ somewhat confused by many of the “descriptions

[ don’t have a “feel” for who is a trustworthy seller vs. not.

[ etc.

[ so please don’t just say “look on eBay”

[ but if you could locate any of the above and give me an ITEM NUMBER... ! ! !

I am trying to locate these items ASAP to take advantage of a week of Spring break that my friend and auto mechanic has coming up, so that we can make hay while the sun shines.

If you can HELP in any way, PLEASE contact me through my profile this forum.

Either PM or eMail fine.

Much obliged for any help!



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