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What's a good choice for a carburetor for the future?

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So, after searching the internet, I finally found a rebuild kit for the Tillotson Carburetor on my Studebaker Dictator GE. Due to my difficulty finding the rebuild kit, I'm wondering what other styles/makes people have transitioned to? I have heard that some people have 'moved' to a Zenith carburetor as parts for other styles/models become scarce.

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The 1929 Studebaker Dictator used a Stromberg U-2 as original. This is an S.A.E. size 2 conventional updraft. You have at least 4 good options;

(1) Replacement U-2 castings are currently being produced in Australia and imported by the Dodge Brother club. Acquire a set of the castings, and transfer other parts from an original Stromberg U-2.

(2) Zenith universal replacement carburetor (fuel inlet circuit requiring modification)

(3) Stromberg model SF-2 universal carb (best choice in my opinion).

(4) Carter model BB-1A or BB-1D universal replacement carburetor.


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