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I found this badly deteriorated hubcap about 10 years ago on a farm where only prewar Chevrolets and Fords had been known to exist. I don't know if the letter is supposed to be a "M" or a "W". I added the black background to make the design stand out when I took the photo.


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Thanks, Drwatson. I knew someone would know. I found a photo of the hood emblem of a 1940 Series 90 in an Olds history called "Setting The Pace" that except for having red where I blacked the hubcap is the same item. I had no idea. Now I wonder how an Olds hubcap came to be on Dad's farm out in the middle of a pasture lot. I don't recall anyone ever visiting that drove an Olds although I do recall De Sotos, Dodges, Packard's, Pontiacs, Buicks, and of course Chevy's and Ford's coming by from time to time.


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