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Help with Dashboard on 55 Super

George K.

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Can anyone out there help with the following challenges I'm facing:

1) Headlight switch - how to remove it from the dashboard?

2) Windshield wiper vacuum switch - how to remove it from the dashboard?

3) Ignition lock - again, how to remove it from the dashboard?

Another thing - the radio speaker screen, are the slots only painted or is the whole thing chrome?

The heater and defroster controls - are they chrome or painted?

Thanks so much in advance for any help at all.

Please see photos.








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Behind the dash, on the side of the headlight switch, there is a little button, about the size of the push-button on the top of a ballpoint pen. Push the button down while you pull out the knob and stalk of the headlight switch. Then, take a wide, flat-bladed screwdriver, insert it into the hole where you removed the headlight knob, and unscrew the little chrome fitting that holds the headlight switch against the back of the dashboard.

If I remember right, the wiper switch has a similar screw that holds the assembly to the back of the dash. You have to pry out the wiper switch button and lever carefully.

The ignition switch is held against the dash by four screws, all of which have to be accessed from behind the dashboard.

I'll wait to answer the rest after I look at the '55 Century tomorrow that I am restoring.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Sherman, TX

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Great reply Pete!!!

The heater and defroster control bezels are painted chrome on 54's. I have pre production photos that show them chrome, so there was probably a last minute design change to paint them. I think the radio speaker grille is painted stainless except for the ribs. Is that correct Pete?

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Remove the lock cylinder first ( detailed on p 366 of your 55 Buick service manual ); then since the dash is out of the car, the rest should be straight forward. Hint: paint the backside of the dash white or silver so you can see better after it is installed and assemble all of the 'under dash and back of dash' components like wiring, cables instruments, etc---some of these things are impossible to see or feel after installation.


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Thank you Mr. Earl. The wiper switch did come out and I'm thrilled!

At the car show and swap meets, I have been looking for the Fisher Body Service Manual - with no luck. I'm going to one this Sunday - hopefully I will find one.

By the way, I love those Buick songs from the 50s.

Thanks again,


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