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Early trunks and trunk mounts

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I posted this on the Buick Pre war discussion and would appreciate hearing from anyone that has information on trunks and trunk mounts.

I have started making diagrams showing the folding of some of the units I saw at Amelia Island.

here is the link to the Buick Pre war


I am interested in photos, ads, and instructions for early trunks and trunk mounts. I am happy to share what I have even though I am just getting started.

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Guest 37Dictator

Barney ..I am also interested in Auxiliary Luggage Racks and Trunks. I believe they add a certain elegance to a car .....I found the correct stamping for the 37 Studebaker Luggage Rack [brackets were universal type] and obtained a metal Art Deco Trunk from the same time period.

I designed my own mounting brackets using a Studebaker Advertizing Photo of the Luggage Rack ...the List of Luggage Rack components and hardware from a 1937 Body Parts Catalogue and information obtained from the Studebaker National Museum Archives. I believe I have come very close to the original bracket design.

I obtained a drawing of the Cast Mounting Bracket for a 34 Studebaker. You may want to research there ...they offer a service to search their archives for 25.00 per hour. The cost was reasonable for the information provided.

Attached are a couple of photos of the completed Luggage Rack and Trunk on my car.

I plan to right a technical article on the development and fabrication of my 37 Trunk Rack ...I dont believe anyone else has this option on a 37 .




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I was able to tour the Studebaker museum at the end of April and the staff there allowed me to photograph, and measure the external trunk mounts that have. There were only three cars on display with external trunks........ I really expected to see more.

If I can be of help to anyone, I will gladly share what I have.

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