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It has beaten me...>>>

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I hate to post and ask questions without giving it a decent crack (which I have done) but this hiccup has nailed me.......


New battery

New battery leads

New starter solenoid

New starter bushes.

- I have removed starter (many times), bench started it and works perfecty with new solenoid, I then install in the car and all I get is the solenoid engaging and no cranking.

- If I short the main positive battery terminal to the smaller ignition wire, she cranks perfectly and starts, so I figure all works on bench and in car....but not when I turn ignition ON, depress accelerator and push start button (yes this is a push button start car.


OK, the difference from the old solenoid and new one is the old one had two smaller terminals for ignition and another to earth on firewall, my new one I got form Bob's has only one smaller terminal for ignition and not one for the earth but I figure the new terminal doesnt have points hence no need for the earth contact... (see pic of new solenoid in car).

OK, furthermore I studied wiring diagram in manual and it has a wire that goes from a small terminal to "GEN" on voltage regulator, but I do not have this and either did the old solenoid I had.

I should note that when I put the old solenoid back in the car and connect up she cranks and starts (why I am not using this one is it has burned out and starts OK cold but not hot, its stuffed).

So in summary I have wired the new solenoid as follows

-Main positive battery cable to positive terminal together with another wire which runs to the amp-meter

- Other main terminal conencted to starter via steel strap.

- ignition wire to smaller terminal on solenoid.

I am hoping this makes sense, as I said she starts perfectly when I short from main positive terminal to ignition terminal........

I'm only learning, but I am a quick learner and persistant but this has trashed my brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks Adam


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Generally when you see a small gauge wire from the starter relay to the GEN terminal on the regulator or generator this was used to get one end of the starter relay coil to ground (earth). This is because the GEN is at ground potential when the generator is not turning (engine off, not running), but is a positive 6 or 12 volts when the engine starts. This was a Buick safety feature so that the starter could not engage once the engine was running.

What year is this car?

The Buick starter system using the accelerator to actuate the starter is composed of several components:

1. Ignition switch to send + 6volts to starter switch on carburetor or intake manifold

2. Carburetor starter switch

3. Starter relay to energize starter solenoid (this relay coil gets ground from wire to GEN terminal on voltage regulator or generator)

4. Starter solenoid that is activated by starter relay when points on relay close

5. Starter motor

It all has to be wired according to the shop manual.

Joe, BCA 33493

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It's too confusing for me, sorry. I'm usually fairly decent at diagnosing cranking system electrical problems. You've made too many changes from what is supposed to be correct for that car, and I can't understand why you have made them, because that is obviously what is now giving you the problem.

Seems to me the easiest fix is to install a wire from the battery terminal on the voltage regulator to the amps gauge, and try it then.

I know the modified car guys will take offense, but in my opinion, when you start making changes from the way Buick wired the car up originally, you are simply asking for more problems. DO IT THE WAY THE MANUAL SAYS!

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Sherman, Texas

1948 Roadmaster

1949 Super wagon

1950 Roadmaster

1959 Electra

1962 Electra 225

1963 Wildcat conv.

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I should note it is a 49 Super, I haven't personally changed any wiring at all (previous owner to me I do not know). All I did was pull out the old solenoid and install a new one however doing this has not agreed with the car. I agree Pete I am a original freak and hate any changes I think I am going to have to get a good auto-elec to look at it. Thanks anyway Adam

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