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Old Ford Grille and Toolbox - by Peerless

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I believe the radiator shell was an aftermarket item for the Model T. Did law suits arise from the use of the name? It would be interesting to know. The runningboard tool box likely was sold mostly to Ford owners as well, they were in the majority during their reign. The T epitomized "cheap", while the Peerless was at the other end of the cost and prestiege spectrum. In a badly timed last gasp effort Peerless produced a 145 inch wheelbase V16.

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I just sent you a PM with an offer. Does the tool box have the "Peerless" name on it too? I think you have a common generic, no-name tool box that was used on a number of cars in the 1910-1913 era. It may have been available as an aftermarket item too. There was one on ebay (no name) that sold this weekend.

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