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61 cadillac wiper motor

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I need to replace the wiper motor on our 61 Cadillac series 62 (2 door convertible), removal wasn't very tough but I wonder has anyone done this and have any recommendations to replace this. This car is DPC with aftermarket AC so function is ahead of form as far as originality is concerned but there is a wide range of motors available from Jc Whitney at 50 bucks to a cadillac specialty shop at 300 bucks ( plus a healthy core charge). Has anyone had experience with any of these, It seems that it is the same motor assembly for a number of years and I wonder are they interchangeable or are there small differences that will leave me beating my head on the floor later. Thanks

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I bought my replacement wiper motor at Advance Auto Parts years ago. NAPA and others probably have them, as well. It is an item that does not fail regularly, so even junkyards have working replacements.

There are two things to consider:

1 the grease inside often solidifies, which can adversly affect the cutoff cam. If you get a rebuilt, that should not be a problem - only from a junkyard donor, but you can check/clean/replace the grease yourself.

2 the motor IS common for many years and GM makes. The difference is that Cadillac included washers. Make sure that you keep the washer pump assembly at the bottom of the wiper motor assembly. Swap in your old one before you mount the new motor. Washer rebuild kits come up on eBay every now and then, and they ARE good. At the CLC Grand National in 2008, I had the only working washers in our class...

The rebuilt motors will usually be painted black, which is not factory correct, but if you are not in it for "show", not a problem. If you decide to "go authentic", you can either remove the black paint, or repaint it in a more correct natural metal color. I have some good suggestions, if you like.

The parts store listing (this was 13 years ago...) had the motors as "2-speed", but don't let that fool you. The speed is controlled by the resistor in the dash switch, so you should still get all 3 speeds with a rebuilt motor.

Forget the $300 specialty, unless you want concourse appearance. Go with "frugal" and enjoy your driver.

This is an easy project, and very gratifying. If you need any help or advice, feel free to contact me via this site, via private email, or the Cadillac & LaSalle club website. My phone number is listed under the "Technicians" link.

Your friend in fins,

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Thanks Jim and Marty, Autozone was not able to help but I found a Dan at Wiper Works in Sewanee Tennessee. Is this the guy you recommended barry? He quoted 225 for the rebuild - not a bad price considering he has the same motor for sale on ebay for 325. With that price in the ballfield of what I expected, and the fact that he's only about 50 miles from the cars, I'm tempted - any suggestions anyone??? In other news - Marty, the 61 is being run through to prep her for June Glidden Tour. My mom will be bringing my 10 year old for a vacation with gramma. I get to stay at home and prep for Louisville. She will also be attending the VCCA tour in Central Alabama in the 34 Chevy master sedan so I've been hustling to set it up as well. Adjust brakes (see new post), adjust clutch, remove, screw around with and re-install the wiper motor(It works now!!!) replace broken gas pedal, headlight bulb and turn signal bulb, free seat that hadn't moved in at least 40 years to accomodate mom's lack of leg length and correctly re-attach all door and window handles that had been installed by a local interior guy shortly before dad got ill and all came off in my hands while trying to figure out why they didn't work. If all this works out I will have returned three of the vehicles to touring condition and a fourth - the 27 Marmon Model L closed coupe hopefully roadworthy by the end of Summer for the Marmon Muster. No toe jabbing for this fool, leap with both feet!!! I would never have the cajones to do this if it wasn't for the knowledge that if I get in too deep, y'all are here. Thank you again and feel free to chime in on the next project - mechanical brakes on the Chevy.

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If you have some mechanical capability, why not try to fix the wiper motor yourself.

Often the problem is in the switch or a bad ground. Another common issue is the 50 year old grease is dried up, hard & impedes movement.

Follow the link to a Genuine GM (United Delco) 1959 to 1963 Wiper Motor Repair Manual.

Image: 1959-63 Wiper Motor Service-1

There's a good Troubleshooting Section...

Good luck!

*** Dan @ Wiperworks does a good job too!!

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The switch is working perfectly as per the voltmeter and the ground strap is in place and in good shape - I have considered tearing into the motor but was worried that I would damage an easily replaceable part and losing the core charge for it's replacement, Also too many projects - I have to choose my battles and since I can buy replacement parts for one car - I should take advantage of that luxury, Or maybe I'm just lazy. I'll be back in the garage for the first time since pulling the motor and may examine and tinker before I buy a replacement. Thanks for the encouragement. - Sam

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Since we talking about wipers, I need some help. I own a 64 Buick Wildcat

Convert. with 2 speed wipers. My wipers work well.:) My problem is that the washer pump doesnt.:( I have taken it apart, the seals are good etc. My ? is:

Does anyone sell the pump assy seperate? And what years will interchange with a 64 Buick Fullsize:confused: I am in Wa State

Any help is appreciated

Thank You


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