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good price for an 87 grand national??


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I'm looking for opinions on price for an 87 grand national in my town. The car has 108K miles and was driven by a little old lady. I've always seen the car being driven around by her(very slowly mind you) and now I have a chance to buy it. It is in very good shape overall, but it has some rust starting to form at the bottoms of the doors on the inside. It also has rust coming out behind each of the rear wheels. The car is straight except for a few small dents. All it needs on the inside is a headliner. I think I can get the car for 5 thousand. Is this a reasonable price? I mainly deal with the 70-72 GS and Skylark cars, but I would seriosly consider this car as it would go nicely with my 70 Skylark. Any ideas?<P>Thanks<P>Bob

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I believe that the Kelly blue book lists them for 7-9 thousand. So 5k is a good deal.<BR>I would like to have one in this gas crunch.

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