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51 Frazer will not move under load w/o dying

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It's been over four months now since I've posted about this car. We were down for three months until we got a replacement axle shaft in the car from Rudy Phillips and got a new exhaust system on it. Two other things were supposed to have been done at a particular local shop relative to body work, but after nothing had been for two months, I went and got the car, which was an "interesting event" I must say. But to the problem. This car just will not move forward or backward under any load, like a ramp or small hill. It will idle ok and rev up ok and on a flat surface will move, but it is underwhleming. Up a hill forget it.

As you "may" recall from previous postings last year, the engine has been totally rebuilt with all new parts including carburetor, fuel pump, distributor components, plugs, wires, gas tank cleaned, filters, brakes, all that stuff. Timing checked. The choke plate is functioning and this is the second rebuilt carburetor on the car and no change in characteristics. The car will start and idle nut even after a 15-20 minute warmup with choke plate fully open, drop it Drive or Reverse, apply the pedal and the car dies. Any ideas? Very frustrating!

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Guest dokks6t9

Torque converter bad?? This may not help, but a friend of mine had a high-output 350 in his Vega. Every time he put it in gear, after giving it some pedal, it would die. Forward, reverse, it didn't matter.There was not enough "stall" in the converter. Changed the converter to a higher stall, and it took care of the problem.I'm certainly no expert in the older cars, but I would look at the converter, if it indeed has one.

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