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Need help/1991 Chrysler TC Maserati

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I need help. I have a cracked windshield and trying to replace it. Found out after talking to a wonderful gentleman named Larry at Chrysler TC by Maserati Partsthat there were no more windshilds out there for my car. All is good with that he informed me that the Labbron would work. Called and had the windshield guys come today...ok however, I don't have a manual for my car and have never taken the hardtop off and low and behold they need the hardtop off before I can have the new windshield put on...kicker is I don't know how to...Can anyone help me with easy directions but, first want to say that we did undo the front things above the visors and did try the levers behind the driver seat. Don't know if maybe one isn't working or what ...please help :o

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Hi, There is a special Chrysler TC section below the general discussion section. There are lots of TC owners and fans lurking there that will be glad to help. Sorry, I do not know the answer. Good luck.

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hope this helps, this forum will get your questions answered. Lots of great help.

This is from someone elses post.

Had the same "issue" when I first got my 91. The electric release whirs, but doesn't unlatch. I use the manual release exclusively now. In the back center of the trunk, there's a little slit in the carpet. Behind it, is a nut that needs to be turned with the lug nut remover on the jack handle. Counterclockwise for release, clockwise for latch down.

The wire you're refering to is the rear window defogger for the hardtop and must be disconnected before removing the hardtop. On the left side behind the drivers door are 2 switches. One is to release the metal tonneau and the other should release the rear of the top. This switch should also pull down the soft top once you put it up.

put this in your browser and you should get to the exact post


unplug the wire to the hardtop for the defroster, unhook the front on each side. I think you need the key turned on to get power back there. push the top button, should hear the pins being released. with two people, one on each side lift the hard top straight up about six inches, there are two long pins below the hard top and you don't want to scratch anything. You may have to jiggle the hard top a little to get it started but you should be able to tell it is released and not still very tight. If doesn't release use lug wrench and loosen carefully manually from the center back of the trunk. Hard top isn't real heavy but does take 2. Lay it on a blanky or boards to protect the top and the pins. Best of wishes, wild bill

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quilterpolly21, welcome to the thread. Lots of help here when you need it. Once you get your windshield replaced how about posting the removal of the SS trim along the top. Curious to know how this trim is removed without damage. I don't know if it is clipped down or sealed. Curious minds want to know.

If you get a chance, post some pictures and details about your TC, we're a curious lot here!!

Good lick,


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