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First Question

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Great, thanks Keith !!!

second question,

Will my rear end fit in an Opel G/T. It use to fit in a Triumph GT 6+, but that was a few years ago. :D

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Mr. Earl...Maybe you could post a pic of the rear end in question, so someone with a car can better judge????

How 'bout I PM you a picture. :P You'll need a wide screen monitor though.:D

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Will a 322 fit in an Opel GT.
Sure. It just depends on how much work you want to do and to what extent you want the car to be streetable. I purchased my Pro Street Opel GT in 1999 with a 455 in it. It also had a Dana 60 which will answer another question you had. Unless you have a 322 laying around a better swap would be a V6 Buick motor which makes far more horsepower than the 322 taking up considerably less space. With the later model V6 you have far more options on horsepower capabilities. Good luck with your project.

John Schmidt

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I do have several 322 laying around but I think I'll stick to my period correct 54 Century street rod dream John. The lil Triumph GT 6+ I had had a straight 6 with dual Strombergs and over drive. Loved the feel of power while just 6 inches off the ground. Drove it right under a cow that was in the middle of the road one night. Had a tractor trailer come over on me one time too. I could have kissed the spare wheel for a few seconds before I managed to get over into the median. I do like the Opel G/Ts though.

thanks for the info re the V-6's. that would be an interesting project.

and regarding the rear end. Back then I think was running a Lamar 34, I think it's a Lamar 42 these days.

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I love the Opel GTs as well, but problem is in my neck of the woods (Cincinnati, OH), there is a problem with the GT's suspension.

It sits too close to the ground and on the ground around here is moisture and salt.

hence, the local ones are rather rusty, or at least every one I ever looked at. :)

I still hope to own one someday while I can still climb in and out of it!

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