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1928 Nash Wheelbase question.....

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Hello, I have located some information that tells me, in 1928, the Advanced 6 OHV has a 121" wheelbase. The Standard 6 has a wheelbase of 109", with the "L" head engine. I am wondering what the Special 6 wheelbase would be? Is the Special 6 actually an Advanced 6 with a smaller enigne or a Standard 6 with a larger engine? I think the Special also shares design with the Advanced 6, meaning it is an OHV. I hope someone will take a few moments and share some information with me.



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Info from Standard Catalog of American Cars:

28 Nash: Standard 6 series 320 108" wb L-head 184.1 c.i. 4.77 gear

Special 6 series 330 112.5 wb ohv 223.0 c.i. 4.88 gear

Advanced 6 series 360 both 121" AND 127" wb ohv 279 c.i. 4.50 gear

Nash amazes me as to how many different models,engines, and series they built yearly :)

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