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For sale: 48 235 stovebolt


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it has to be for a big truck if it is a 48.they did not have them in cars until 51 or 52 and then only with powerglide.my understanding is that the pick-up started in 54 except special order.

to be sure there is a ledge just aft of the distributor.that is the engine number and the last two numbers is the year.if it has a rebuilders number stamped there then you can throw all of this info out the window.

if it is a 235 it will have a lifter side cover the length of the engine about 4" tall.if it is a 216" the side cover will go from the base of the distributor to the valve cover in heigth.

where is the engine located?if it is near north tx i would take it.:cool:

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Guest Bob Call

I had a Ford 4 L OHC V6 shipped from Milwauke to Tulsa, OK 2 years ago via R+L freight and it cost about $185. The freight broker said that most car and gasoline truck engines can ship about anywhere in the 48 states for less than $250.

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Guest AngieJP

Do you still have the 216? We are very interested...live a couple hours away. Please respond asap...or call (585) 968-4472 Home

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