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Advice on a 1964 Comet Caliente Convertible

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'Afternoon all.

I've got a family member looking to sell a 1964 Comet Caliente convertible. It has been sitting in a 'garage' for about 10 years. It was driving prior to that. He is looking to sell and has asked for advice on price. This is not my specialty (the year and car) and I don't trust price guides.

Anyone want to hazard a guess at what the market will bear in terms of price.

I know, I know can't tell without seeing it. Anyway here's a bit of a description.... Any figures are appreciated.

- starting to rust from sitting a bad garage - some previous body work evident

- black interior in need of help - may have been habitat for critters

- 289 engine - condition unknown - was working at one point, automatic transmission

- car looks bad from sitting, but very well could be restored - just one of those cars that may take more than you'd expect????

- impossible to get pictures at this point - car not very accessible

- located in Canada - about 2 hours from Detroit - I've been told it was once a Florida car - doesn't matter anymore though...

Any of you Comet experts want to weigh in on what the market will bear for this.



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I would guess 4-5 k, considering it's a convertible, and has the 289 those makes it pretty collectible, there were only 9,039 made, and it was the top of the line, except the Cyclone, which was not available as a convertible. Of course it all depends on finding the right buyer. :-)


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Definately not any more than 5k. Especially if the interior and top are shot and the drivetrain is in question. Those are uni-body cars and rust is the worst enemy. Its a rare car and definately worth restoring! Ask the folks on this forum also:

The Ford Falcon News:(TFFN) Classic Ford Falcon, Econoline And Mercury Comet site

I belong to it and its all Falcon/Comet folks there. Lots of great information and people on that site! Im sure that someone that is more familiar with that particular Comet will be able to answer any of your questions in great detail.

Hope this helps!

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