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electrical problem ( lights )


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Need some help please: I'm restoring a 1983 buick prk ave 305ci v/8 4 brrl the vehical is equiped with ( twilight sentinel ). Now when I'm not using the sentinel switch my turn signals work as followes put my right flasher on

my 4 ways work,2 put my left flasher on works fine,3 when I put my parking lights on my right turn arrow comes on but won't work and blink. Just some background my engine comp. light won't work also. I have checked the harness at the h/light conn. on the left side my side markers work and h/lites

work.BUT when I go to the right side my side marker lites don't work YET when

I use a test light on the bulb end I have power BUT when I put the bulbs in they do not work when the circut is commpleted. I have checked and cleaned

the conn.My eng/lite is in that same circut and grouned to the hood.I have cleaned all grounds except the one top of bellhousing,and in dash. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance!!

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Believe it or not the problem is most likely a bulb. The park lamp and turn signal circuits use a double filament bulb (1157). I think one of the turn signal filaments burned out. The turn signal filament has probably contacted a park lamp filament inside one of the bulbs. This causes a feedback from one circuit to the other. All the problems you described are a result of the feedback. If you activate the turn signal to create the problem, you can remove one bulb at a time, and see if the park lights stop flashing. If they stop flashing you have found the problem bulb. If the the park lights continue flashing with the bulbs removed you may have a shorted socket. Also be sure the bulb is installed correctly. The tabs on the bulb are at different depths in the socket. I suspect you problem is with one of the right side bulbs or sockets. You can look for, and disconnect harness connectors to eliminate sockets. When working as a mechanic I would cut wires to eliminate sockets. We had to cut the wires to replace the sockets anyway. On rare occasions the harness would be shorted when clamped between mating parts at the factory. That circumstance was more likely to pop a fuse. Good luck.

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Need some help please: I'm restoring a 1983 buick prk ave 305ci v/8 4 brrl

While this is not exactly related to your light problem, are you sure it's a 305? Most of these cars came with the 307 Olds motor, not the 305 Chevy. The eighth character of the VIN will tell you which motor the car originally came with. If it's an "H", then it's a 305. If it's a "Y", it's a 307. The two motors are completely different and share no parts except for the distributor cap and rotor.

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Guest Dee Jay
Thaqnks Rick 60: Great advice I really appreciate the help eveything works ok now. It was the right turn bulb I must have missed it. Many thanks again!!!
This is a classic example of someone's experience and their willingness to share it helping someone with a frustrating situation. I applaud you rick60 and thank you for sharing your experience.
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