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I have come across a 1916 Kelsey for sale and can't seem to find any information about this car and very little information about the company. The only thing I have learned is that it is a friction drive car, which interest me because I own a 1915 Metz

Does anybody have pictures of this car or know of availability for parts? Other owners? How many were made.

The add says describes it as a rolling chassis, engine, drive train, fenders, no body

I have a call into the owner to get more info.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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The year sounds incorrect, Kelsey made a 3 wheeled car 1911 - 1914 and a four wheeler 1920-1924. If it is a 3 wheeler and you deside to pass on it, I wouldn't mind a shot at it, we're only one hour away.

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That was my first thought too but I did find some this quote "in 1916 he designed another novelty: a friction drive transmission, shaft drive automobile."

That was the only information I have uncovered so far.

No, not a three wheeler, but it appears to have been an open touring car, not sure.

Are there any other 1916 Kelsey owners out there that can send some info and maybe pictures?

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Dear Friends. I bought the 1916 Kelsey from the owner last week. She has mailed me her late husbands file on it. When I go over it,I will post info. Sounds like it was built by Kelsey in 1916,and was his prototype for the 1920-24 production models. There is a letter from Kelsey himself,setting out these facts. Stay tuned! George Albright,Ocala,Fla. cell 352 843 1624 email gnalbright@gmail.com

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