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Missing 65 GS Riviera Michigan.

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My curiosity has gotten the best of me. Has any one ever seen a 65 GS Riv, color is verde green, nice original car. Owned several years ago by a Andy Staroba last know location was Michigan. Car had a small Buick tag on the console that said this car custom built for Emil A. Staroba.

The car belonged to my late, dear friend Emil. After his passing I understand the car ended up with his Son Andy. Andy did not have huge interest in cars and it has always bothered me how the car survived. It was a awesome example of a Riviera. The car may have also had a tiny EM hand painted on the rear deck lid.

My hope is Andy has taken good care of his Dad's pride. Emil was from Stickney, Illinois.

I think about Emil any time I see a Riv.

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Afternoon, Karen Spanbauer here, Dating Andrew Staroba, and have seen the car. He still has it and it has been stored and taken care of. He just had it in a car show in the summer. I am sure he would love to hear from you.

Please email me at and give me your name and number and I will get it to Andy.

It was so strange having that link show up and Andy and Emil's name come up.

I miss him too!

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