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Water leak under drivers side


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Though I had found the area where water was getting into the Reatta, at one little gap in the convertible top seal,there seems to be more to the saga. The real problem seems to be water entering under the drivers seat through the heater vent that is under there. Note that this happens after a rain storm. It is not coolant. I put a towel in there to wick up any water, (and have also been better about keeping the car covered in the rain...) Passengers side is dry.

However a funny thing happened in a parking lot the other day. The parking spot was slightly uphill, and canted a bit. So the passenger side was higher than the driver side. Water started dripping out of the drain hole under the point where the parking brake cable enters the body. Not a lot of water, but enough that it is clear some is getting trapped in there.

My car had some extra rustproofing stuff shot in it back when it was new. A waxy substance from an outfit called Ziebart. It is quite possible that they plugged something up.

Where should I look for plugged up holes?

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