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I saw a 1968 Mustang Coupe with an inline 6 for sale nearby my house and the owner is asking $5000. He said it has a sluggish transmission and it occasionally won't start due to the battery and/or starter. It has 83,000 miles according to the odometer and the interior and exterior are almost perfect. The shifter is a bit loose but I assume that can be fixed. I want this to be my first car and I'm looking for advice on whether I should buy it or not.

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i am not mechanically inclined, but i have someone who is and is willing to help with the car. there is rust in the undercarriage, and possibly some under the paint. i say this because in some spots the paint is bubbled. and there are some minor flaws with the interior. the rear right window does not roll down either

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When you say your "first car" I assume you're a young person who will be using it for daily transportation. Unless you're a car enthusiast I wouldn't recommend a car of this age. For $5,000 you can buy a pretty nice late-model economy car which will get better gas mileage and have all the modern safety features.

The Mustang is a neat car, but just keep in mind all the plastic and rubber parts are 42 years old unless they've been replaced. It's nice when it's running but expect frequent problems. If you're a car nut like me that's OK. Otherwise look for something else.

Good luck with whatever you choose. Your first car is something you'll always remember.


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