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Please Help with photos and info of a 65 Wildcat convertible Top Rain Channel


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I need some photos or good detailed diagrams of the set up for the rain channel at the rear of the convertible top for a 65 Wildcat.

I had a look through the body manual but found nothing to clarify.

Is their a drain tube from the channel?

If not how and where is the water directed to?

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Brian: No photos but my 65 Lesabre channel directs the water around the sides to run down the front of the rear wheel wells to an opening in the top of the rocker panels. Upon entering the rocker panel, the water drains out a square rubber covered opening on the side of the inner rocker panel. Many times these covers are missing so the rear of the rocker panel fills with dirt etc and eventually rusts out. When I inspect a convertible that's one of the first areas I check. I agree the Body Manual doesn't show any of this stuff.

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Thankyou Dave,

Your description helps confirm what I thought. I'm surprised the water is simply chanelled down through the rocker panels with out some sort of drain tube but then that would probably block up more than the current set up.

Photos would still be appreciated if anyone has them.

Any suggestions as to the best way to clear the areas that may block..........poke the holes with wire and an air nozzle maybe?

Will a vacuum reach the areas needed to be cleared without having to disassemble too much?

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If it's any help, when I was researching top weatherstrips for my '68 5467, I discovered there were only TWO sizes of GM full-size convertible tops (and probably related mechanisms). One for the Chevy Impala, Pontiac Catalina/Bonneville, Olds 88, and Buick LeSabre/Wildcat versions of the B-body platform. The other was for the C-body platform cars, which would be Olds 98, Buick Electra, and Cadillac DeVille . . . which would be the larger one of the two.

When I found the casting numbers on the factory roof rail weatherstrips, they were of a number sequence that was "Chevrolet" back then. Same for the body mounts, too! These things were what uncovered the two sizes of full-size GM convertible tops.

Therefore, you might be more able to find similar Chevy or Pontiac convertibles rather than having to look specifically for a Buick. One thing I noticed on my '68 is that when the top is up, the top basically seals against the chrome moldings which also have the snaps on them. Looks like a pretty decent fit, as I recall, so I didn't suspect a "rain channel" would be needed . . . NOT to say it's hidden under there, somewhere, and I didn't see it.

Just some thoughts . . .


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Yes I believe you are right.........probably the same design would have been used for most GM convertibles of that era.

I am still finding it difficult to find any clear pictures of the rear area that the rain channel sits and drains to....including the lower area at the rockers.


I am usually pretty successful in finding (mostly via Google images search) photos of things on cars that I want to examine.

But this has me beat.......even searching on other GM products has given me no results........so please....any photos or links to photos would be appreciated........post them here or email them if you wish to.........


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Guest minkos

hello brian. about 5 months ago i had to clear that area (driver's side) on my '66 wildcat convertible. it had about 2 to 3 inches of standing water in the panel! the rubber drain block was clogged and along with the water were leaves, oil from a leaking top cylinder, etc. maybe the oil helped keep it from rusting, because the panel itself was surprisingly intact. i removed the quarter trim panel and the metal body plate behind it, then stuck the flat hose to my wet/dry shop vac in there. once the water and leaves were gone, i had to remove the rubber block from the outside , then used a screwdriver to clear the crud in the bottom of the panel. as i recall i could also reach through the hole in the body panel and scoop up the crud from the inside too. i didn't take any pictures of the process but i will shoot some photos of the area from the outside now that it has been cleared. hope this helps.


ps-any luck on that draglink?

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Thanks Mark

Some photos would be appreciated when you can. In particular where the water drains out.

I'm feeling guilty now:o

I totally forgot to get back to you about the draglink..........it is still there and I will PM you with the details.

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