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1965 Marlin-a dream comes true

Guest mystarcollectorcar.com

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Guest Richard D

Back in 1969 I was 16 and my first car was A Marlin with 327 4 bbl auto on the floor and A/C. My father owned a body shop and made it look like new for me, blue/white color combo. This was the perfect car for a new male driver back then. No matter how hard I would drive it or go on unintentional off road excursions it just accepted it. Never broke down, car was built like a tank! The front U-Joint snapped when I dropped it in gear at 3K RPM showing off, but because of the torque tube drive it got me home (slowly) by the yokes turning each other. Wish I never traded it far a new car for my high school graduation present (Plymouth Cricket)



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