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what is your car's name and why

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I saw this thread in another forum and it was interesting to the point that I thought we should reveal our car's names here too, and where the name came from.

For me not too original;

the 38 Buick is ' the old black car'

the 47 Buick is 'the blue car'

the 58 is 'the green machine' or 'dad's car', or as all my friends call it, 'your dad's car'

the 67 coronet is 'the copper car', or, again as friends call it ' your dad's other car'

and the 88 olds is the 'silver bullet'

oh, and Carol's car, the 98 Firebird, is 'the red car', or 'MY car' as she likes to call it

So what do you name your cars?

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Guest my3buicks

I have usually named all my old cars, but my 67 Special Deluxe that was my first car and that I've now owned 31 years has always been called "The Buick"

Possibly because my Grandad always referred to it as The Buick from the time it was new.

My 72 Centurion Conv is named "Spartacus" - thought that was a fitting name for a Centurion.

One of my favorite names was for my 57 Century - it was two tone green, Jade & Sea foam, and odd combination but very 50's. I named it Katy short for Katydid.

My 69 Antique Gold Electra Conv I called Rex, short for T-Rex, it was a huge greenish Gold Dinosaur.

Have named several of my cars, but the one I have had for 32 years is either referred to as "the Buick" or "the 67" - and it's funny, the family knows when I refer to "the Buick" exactly which one I am referring to.

Those are some of my favorite names I have had.

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We have all heard about the "Elanor's" and "Christine's" which are "Classic" car names.....

Well I found my "Shelby"....

...thats where my problems start when people hear her name.

She is a Buick, yes a 1954 Buick 2dr hardtop....my Roadmaster.

The name was what I wanted for my first born Daughter, a name my wife adamantly did not want. I actually thought of my li'll girl as Shelby for the first couple of weeks of he life until I got used to calling her her real name....my wife correcting me every time. :o

Well enter my new passion in life, my Buick. The first reaction I had when MrEarl sent me the pictures of my future purchase was there she is, my Shelby....I have found you! :D

Yea, I know.... I know, it just happens to be a coincidental name of a very famous car builder ....but it also just happens to be the name of the most favourite car I have ever had the pleasure of housing in my garage.

If for nothing at least it starts a conversation....:P

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Ellie - '66 Wildcat - license plate starts ELY

Vicky - '61 Invicta - how else would you shorten Invicta?

Spirit - '76 Century Pace Car - Free Spirit

I think that comes pretty close to the ones that are named...I had a somewhat disparaging name for the '62, but Suzanne convinced me to stop using it. The '54 is known as The Gray Ghost...that's just something that could be interim until something comes up. Thought about naming the '41 Franklin - the previous owner was a Mr. Franklin, and while it is sort of an old fashioned name and suits the car, it is also masculine, which I'm not sure suits.

The other projects aren't named.

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My fabulously famous 1915 C-36 Buick is named "The Chartreuse Lady" or just "Chartreuse" for short. My old friend Jolyon always named all of his old cars, but he did not own this one long enough to pin a name on it. After aquiring the old Buick from his estate, I felt it neccesary to continue with the tradition. My old friend Peter Wing, an artist, and Castle creator in Millbrook NY told me the correct color is chartreuse, which is french for, yellow green. My buick is definetly a lady, so hence the name was born. :D Dandy Dave!

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My 26 sedan is named Elsie, after the lady that bought her new in 1926 in my hometown. Paul Meyer may have named her. I will name the 50 I am picking up tommorrow after the guy that bought her to restore in retirement , and then found out he has Parkinsons---I think all car guys should have a car named after them, especially if they restore them--may be the only legacy some of us will ever have !

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Funny thing, or maybe not. I refer to some of the stuff that I own as to the previous owners. My 1924 Mc Cormick 15-30 is "Uncle Albert" For Albert Olsen, An old friend that owned it for many years and ran an American number one sawmill with it. One of my Allis Chalmers K-35 Bulldozers is Rolland, Another is Howard, who were local farmers. Howard Ostrander was also a close friend. Rolland I did not know, but I did get to be good friends with his wife and daughter who continued to run the farm. My 1957 Dodge pick up is Delwood, after the hotel that it served in the Catskill Mountians. And then there is a gas engine that was one of my first collectable farm antiques. It is a 1907 6HP Kenwood and was bought new by Bill Wakeman. Everyone called him Willy Wake and he was a friend of my Grandfather. Willy died back in the 1950's, and my grandfather saved the old engine and gave it to me when I was 9 years old. I still have it. I always refer to it as, Willy Wakes engine. My old friend Jolyon always said, "We never really own anything of antiquity. We have only been chosen as custodians for a time to preserve a small part of the past, for the future. Dandy Dave!

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1987 Grand National - "The Beast" because it's a little warmed over and better than stock. A neighbor had to drive it once...he's a Corvette owner. It terrified him. He said "I barely touched the gas and it just wanted to go and wouldn't stop!" Ah the fun of a turbo under load on decent octane. Yea, The Beast fits. The rest are nameless children known by their year alone. And yes, the duplicate year cars know each other apart like twins.

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Nifty thread idea...My '57 Roadmaster is the "Roadmistress,"

cause she's too pretty to have a manly moniker; a DPC car.

The HPOF '47 Roadmaster is "The '47," not too inspirational, or alternately

"Mr. Henry," named for the 82-year-old gent who sold it to us.

The '49 Roadmaster is "The '49," an HPOF work-in-progress (too many

other things gettin' in the way at the time being).

The '64 Electra Sedan is "Black Beauty," another DPC car when

she eventually hits the road. Care to guess her color?

They're all affordable 4-doors, and they're all great cars.

Naming cars is fun, even if the names themselves are lame.


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Names, yeah they got names. The two Buicks are Leaky and Drippy, the Olds is Shifty, the Vette is Rattles, and the Chrysler is Walters Revenge. My old pal the 39 pickup is just John...........Bob

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I first learned of cars being named when I was in elementary school and a teacher mentioned that they all named their cars when they were younger. At that early age, that was "news to me" . . . giving cars "people names". Of course, there were some songs where cars had names, too.

But . . . as things progressed, when I started driving and later owning cars, they got named. Whether by "model year" or "model name" or otherwise.

My Buicks . . . the '70 Skylark Custom 2-dr hardtop, that's "Skylar", for a classy, upscale name. The '68 5467, that's just "Sabre".

My machine shop associate, who's now in his middle '70s, had different names for some cars, which were apparently popular when he was younger and the particular vehicles were newer. "Roadmaster" was "Rooadmonster", "GMC" was "Jimmy-C", and "Chrysler" was "Kryyyzler"--and that's what he called them in his normal conversations.

To me, giving a vehicle a name appropriate for its character is neat and signifies the bond between the owner and "the machine", whether as a friend or a member of the family.



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Haven't gotten around to a name for my 62 special deluxe, maybe when it's finally on the road, but in the old days, my 1st. '47 chrys new yorker conv. was the blue whale and my 2nd '47 chrys. N.Y. conv. (pale yellow) was the banana boat. Just seemed to fit. Rick

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My 77 Limited is named "Bird".... after a sticker on her back window that was made famous in my chapter.

My wifes 67 Skylark is named "Blueberry". Its blue and she bought it off of a guy named Barry.

My 73 GrandVille is named "Landbarge". Obvious reasons

My 93 Chevy truck is named "Dads Truck". My Dad gave it to me and my son put the "Dads Truck " plate on the front of it. Dads Truck no matter how you look at it.

My 02 Impala just bent me over the table for state inspection. So at least for now anyway its name is @#&*^%$%$!+=

My wifes 04 Malibu is named "Boo" . also obvious.


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I have never named my cars - seems kind of dumb to me but my wife's parents had a yellow and brown 72 Torino they named "Tweety Bird"; the '71 LeSabre that I have was my uncle's and he always called it "Harriet". I have no idea why. I call it the Buick, but my wife always refers to it as "Harold's car" even though I've owned it for 10 years now.

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Fun subject. For me, I usually distinguish by year or color, sometimes who I bought it from.

The 62 is the 62, Wildcat or occaisionally Kitty. Or the blue one. Or my baby.

The 67 Riv is the 67, Bruce's Riv or the blue one.

My 72 Riv is the 72, the blue one or the car formerly known as the red one. ;)

The 85 Riv is the T-Type, the 85 or the black one.

The 88 Riviera is the Sh!tbox since is was cheap and it's beatup, or the black one.

My 98 Riviera is the white one, the 98 or Kevin's Riv.

And my 99 GMC is the truck or Denali.

I'm not creative when it comes to naming cars. I had an 87 Riviera I called Geraldo long ago, inspired by my dad calling his Packard "Jean-Luc". But I nicknamed my Dad's 69 Sportwagon DasBoot and one Suburban my parents had Stinkmobile....followed by a minivan that was son of Stinkymobile or Stinky II.

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My 63 is of course "The 63"

The plates are "HTRNFD"

Interpretation "Hotter Than Fort Dodge"

Local Colloquial Saying when used in a sentence..."The other day I saw a ?????? that was 'Hotter Than Fort Dodge' ".

When my dad passed away I bought his 98 Chevy short box from Mom. It will always be "Dad's Truck" and that's a good thing.

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John, I think there is just something about station wagons that begs to be nicknamed in some way. Those of those who are old enough to remember they predated minivans as the ultimate family vehicle may tend to think of them as part of the family.

Suddenly I start thinking of the family truckster from "Vacation"...

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The wife doesn't have them all named but here it is to date:

1955 Pontiac Star Chief = the squash (green & yellow)

1967 Amphicar = either Houdini (wiggles out of tie downs) or Regan (from the exorcist its possessed)

1986 Dodge Van = The pizza oven (hot as he$$ in the summer no AC)

1997 Chevy Silverodo Centurion = Amish Cadillac (all black like a hearse)

1996 Pontiac Bonneville = Bonny

2005 Bonneville = Clyde

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I'm not creative when it comes to naming cars. I had an 87 Riviera I called Geraldo long ago, inspired by my dad calling his Packard "Jean-Luc". But I nicknamed my Dad's 69 Sportwagon DasBoot and one Suburban my parents had Stinkmobile....followed by a minivan that was son of Stinkymobile or Stinky II.

Actually, I think I came up with Stinkmobile for that particular Suburban, and Stinky II for the Town & Country, after the first ride in them.

I guess I have never named my cars unless they gave me trouble, and we will not cover those names here.

It's been more fun to name other peoples cars, kinda like it's more fun to spend their money.:rolleyes:

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It's been more fun to name other peoples cars, kinda like it's more fun to spend their money.:rolleyes:

And I still don't own a Riv...so, you are behind a couple of other forum members at spending Suzanne's money :D:rolleyes:

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1965 Wildcat Convertible -Roxanne As in the beautiful woman Sting sings about.

1959 Invicta 4dr ht - Lucille Named after BB King's guitar, another beautiful woman...

1958 Chevy Pickup Truck - Baby It needs a lot of babying and it was originally a baby blue.

1969 Electra 225 - Deuce - When I brought it home, my wife said it looked like someone left a big turd in the driveway. That and it's a deuce and a quarter.

1922 Model T - Lizzie - as most of you know, these are colloquially known as the Tin Lizzie.

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Well, we have so many cars that it is easier just to name them than remember what they are. So here is how it goes:

We have a custom built S-10 pickup, extended cab long bed, GM never offered this one, so we built it, and it was named LAB, which stands for Long Assed Bed.

Next we have another custom built truck, which is an extended, extended cab, long bed, dually S-10which is named Dually. We get asked every time the truck is on the street how did we get a dually.

Next up is a little Chevy Aveo, its blue, it got named Little Blue Butt. It was named by one of our employees.

Next up we have an 1981 Corvette, it is called KC, named by a friend at work -Kicking Chevy.

Next up is the 1980 Corvette, named Max by our grand daughter, no clue why!

Next we have a Chevrolet Blazer, we just call it Blazer.

Next we have an Allis Chalmers tractor, we just named her Alice.

Then we have a 1957 Buick Caballero, referred to as "The Buick".

Last but not least is the Winnebago motor home named Thumper, draw your own conclusion!

This is probably most of them, can't think of anymore at the present, that's why it is just easier to name the things.

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I named my 1959 Buick Invicta "Copper Top" because not only does it have a copper glow top over an arctic white body, but the car was made by GM of Canada and this color combination could not be bought from the USA GM plant-only through the Canadian plant! Charles D. Barnette

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Our 1940 LaSalle Special is named "Lola". One of my wife's co-workers suggested the name because the car has a sleek, sexy look.

Our 1956 Continental Mark II is named "Erin" because she is green and was delivered on St. Patrick's day.

Our 2003 Ford Taurus was named "Snowball" by my wife.

Our 2004 Ford Taurus wagon was named "Sliver", also by my wife.

My wife actually goes out to the garage and talks to them.

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My boys (now 5) became big fans of the movie Cars, and decided my red MGA was Lightning McQueen. Of course this required the Buick to be dubbed "Doc" (if you've seen the movie), despite there being a slight difference between a burgundy '38 Buick Special and a blue '52 Hudson Hornet - at least they're both vintage coupes.

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Thought I had posted on this as well, some gone, but not forgotten.

69 Chevelle--- Old Bess

71 Pontiac --- Old Red (car was red, I know real original)

63 Chevy Biscane-- Old Gertie

72 Buick Centurion Convert--The convert

65 Buick Skylark-- The Skylark

As I look at the list the toys don't get any more original in name but are not old...to me!!:D

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